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who we are

The intelligent systems of the future.

Innovation and new technologies in the service of businesses.

Eurocorp Technologies was established with the goal of making innovations and new technologies accessible to businesses.

Since 2013, it has been operating in the Information Technology (IT) sector, designing, building, and managing corporate networks and information systems, ensuring efficiency, professionalism, and careful selection of installed materials and technologies.

The Information Technology sector, with its innovations, new technologies, and rapid evolution of technical solutions, compels businesses to continuously update their IT systems to maintain their competitiveness in the market.

Eurocorp Technologies, in synergy with various companies within the group, serves as a technology partner available 24/7, 365 days a year, ready to assist even online for faster problem resolution.

This is our vision of a successful and truly useful service for our customers.

The advantages of having a single point of contact are easily understood: lower intervention costs thanks to customized hourly packages and care in managing technical issues in environments that require high-quality standards and professional conduct.

That’s why it’s crucial to have an ally like Eurocorp, which, thanks to its specific expertise, can effectively address all of a business’s technological needs and requirements.

Eurocorp Group

Thanks to the synergy with various companies within the group, Eurocorp Technologies serves as a single technology partner for all the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.


Intrusion Detection and Video Surveillance


Technological Systems


Burglar Alarms and Access Control

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