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Your voice in all its forms

Eurocorp Technologies can guide businesses in selecting the most suitable telephony equipment based on their needs, whether it’s a small company or a large multisite enterprise.

Among the available solutions, in addition to traditional telephony, there’s VoIP technology, which allows you to use the internet connection or any dedicated IP network, like your company’s LAN, for phone conversations. The most advantageous feature of VoIP systems lies in their ability to offer superior audio quality and to converge the telephone infrastructure onto the same infrastructure used for IT systems. The result is a reduction in implementation and maintenance costs.

  • Lower cost for calls.
  • Lower infrastructure costs: just a few devices and a LAN are sufficient.
  • Advanced features:
  • the ability to manage calls through a PC interface (Platform);
  • easily manage multiple calls (Conference calls)
  • offer useful, real-time statistics on phone traffic
  • Extreme scalability: a system can be quickly expanded or downsized at a lower cost compared to traditional analog networks.
  • Extreme simplicity and reduced costs for multisite installations.
  • Increased call security: Voice traffic, being packet-switched, travels directly between the terminals of the two users in conversation without passing through a fixed switching center infrastructure, reducing the risk of interception.

Additionally, dedicated support, which can be integrated with IT infrastructure maintenance services, allows for quick resolution of customer requests, whether remotely or on-site.


traditional telephony, VoIP telephony, telephone switchboards, DECT coverage.

  • Implementation of new systems
  • Reconversion of existing systems
  • SIP Trunk supply
  • Design, installation, and configuration of telephone switchboards.
  • Gateway VoIP
  • Fixed and cordless IP phones.

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